Hans Radio And TV
Sales and Service
(established 1975)

Business Hours :
Monday to Friday: 08H00 - 17H00
Saturday: 08H00 - 13H00
Closed on all Public Holidays

169 Ontdekkers Road
Horison Park

Tel: 011-763-3984/061-455-5867
Fax: 086-660-1328

Our technical repair facility on our premises cater for the repair of:

*Standard Televisions (CRT type)
*LCD Televisions
*LED Televisions
*Plasma Televisions
*All Types of Audio Amplifiers
*Home Theaters
*Video Cassette Recorders (VCR's)
*DVD Recorders/Players
*Microwave Ovens 

We sell the following products:
*LED's and LED Lighting
*Power Supplies and 220V-110V convertors
*Coaxial Cable and AV Cable
*Wall Mount Brackets and Masts
*FM, VHF and UHF Aerials
*Satellite Dishes, LNB's, Multiswitches and TV Links
*Patch Cords, HDMI Cable and Optical Cables
*RF and AV Connectors and Adaptors
*DSTV Remote Controls and Universal Remote Controls
*Aerial Splitters, Mixers and SLX Splitters
*Setback Amplifiers
*Fuses, Resistors, Capacitors and other General Parts
*Turntable Needles/Stylus
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